Welcome to Gai Alive, where all your dreams and fantasies can come true. Well, not exactly but if you are into anything a little bit edgy, like sex tips and sex toys then you might have found the right place. There’s something about the internet that is so conducive to every sexual niche and fantasy being played out and lived out online.

How complicated can these things get!The point is, whatever you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it online. There are so many sex toys to choose from, sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. Every kind of jiggling, massaging, twirling, vibrating, girating and so forth mechanism has been researched, invented and tested for the pleasure of the human species. Not only toys either! For example, new methods of pleasuring women and giving them mind-boggling orgasms have been achieved by using techniques that are conducive to the woman squirting. Crazy, huh! For much more information about squirting check out School Of Squirt.

We’re also all about having fun and making the most of life. Making love is part of an ancient ritual where humans can transend the barriers enforced by the use of modern language where miscommuncation is common and often the cause of disagreements. In fact miscommunication the sole cause of disagreement. In sexual love making there is much less miscommunication because our bodies communicate much more effectively with each other.

That is why love making / sex is such a refreshing, binding and relaxing practice if used in the right way with the right context. That’s not to say that I think you should be in a loving relationship before you think about having sex. Sex can be a healing tool and there is such a thing as orgasm therapy, believe it or not.

Unfortunately, in our modern world, a lot of what falls under the umbrella of sex has been perverted into away from the loving and caring and pleasure-giving act that it once was and has become a battle for dominance.

On the other side of the coin there are many new avenues that have opended up to younger generations in terms of sexual exploration and instead of hiding and repressing their sexuality, many young adults are embracing their sexuality and enjoying life more openly. Many young couples are taking part in practices likes tantra and men are helping women to squirt using multiple techniques. Find out more from our live video stream, coming soon…

From cunninglingus to intercourse squirting can be intensely pleasurable for women and their are very specific techniques that can be used to induce these kind of orgasms. From multiple orgasms to stacked orgasms it’s all possible with the help from a willing partner who is caring and patient.

One of the keys to squirting for a woman is to have a strong PC muscle. This is a part of the body, just like any other muscle that can be strengthened through exercise and is highly benenficial for women who want to have powerful orgasms and multiple squirting and stacked orgasms. For men who want to meet a woman who can squirt easily during sex they should look for the squirter dimples on the lower back. They are also called the dimples of venus. These can give a fairly good indicator that the woman is healthy enough and has strong enough sexual energy to be able to squirt.

Here on Gai Alive we are fascinated by sexual relations and the anatomy of the orgasm. There are so many unanswered questions that have yet to be answered by modern science, such as why do we have orgasms? Do they have a biological purpose or not. Are orgasms purely for pleasure? We’re also a big fan of getting out into the world and dating lots of people, the question is how to find those people and get them to come on a date with us. That’s one of the questions that is answered around the dating scene by the guys from Dating Metrics, if you’re looking into the different ways of getting a girlfriend then it’s highly recommended

We all love sex, well most of us do. And although there is still a big taboo against sex, in general this is being slowly lifted as people become more educated and begin to think outside of the realms of mass religion. This is a great thing I believe because sex can help heal us and provide many therapeutic benefits, such as orgasm therapy.