moving house

My top tips for moving house

I moved house recently and it wasn’t that bad…so with all the talk of how stressful it is, I thought I’d share my tips on moving.

moving-house1Cut costs

Those that do not have any furniture, perhaps you are leaving your parents house or have returned from a long trip, you really do not need anything more than a vehicle – preferably with four wheels.

Even better would be to have a couple mates to help out, but we sometimes can’t have everything.
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The 5 reasons all payday lenders try to entice you with

At one point or another in life, we all find ourselves in dire need of money long before payday. If you have lousy credit then it means you can’t go to the bank for help and many lenders will think twice before handing you the money. However, now you can easily get a short term payday loan that is to be paid on the day you get paid. This will not only help you solve your emergency needs, but it will also help you avoid more loans and debt on top of what you have. There are several reasons why you should consider a payday loan:
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All you need to know about email marketing

All you need to know about the sometimes murky world of email marketing

Tip #1 Avoiding the spam filter

You can have the most informative email message and compelling subject line, but if your email goes to the spam folder, it most likely won’t be read. The fact is that most people do not regularly check their spam folder. So if your email goes to spam, it will probably be lost forever.

Although there is nothing you can do to completely guarantee your messages won’t be marked as spam, there are certain things you can do to reduce the chances. Let’s take a look…

Avoid Trigger Words

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Teach your kids money skills early

Inculcate the habit of saving early. Many banks provide incentives to encourage children to save. Give children pocket money, and make it clear what they are expected to pay for with this money. Also, teach them to save 25 percent of their pocket money.

Discuss money with children. They cannot be expected to learn, if they are totally protected from financial reality; however, avoid constantly dwelling on money worries, as this may foster an unhealthy attitude to money. Increase personal responsibility for finance as a child gets older: Give her a clothing allowance, for example–as opposed to buying her clothes for her, and explain how this will serve as a lesson in budgeting.

Start work early

Encourage a young person to get a part-time job. Praise hard work and a foster a sense of pride as he earns some money. Teach him about bank accounts and checks, and methods of paying for goods. Set a good example related to living within one’s means.

Make up a budget

Help the young person moving away from home develop a realistic budget. Apart from helping estimate what his monthly expenditure would be for necessities such as groceries, gas, rent, and entertainment, teach him to set aside a reasonable amount of money for emergencies.
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Making some extra cash and not having to rely on loans

Speedy-Loans-Dalston-High-StreetWe’ve talked about how easy it is to get a loan but what about simply making cash? Well, this is just as easy as selling stuff. Yes, you heard me correctly I am telling you to sell your possessions. Although this might sound extreme, it is not anymore extreme then failing to repay a loan and then being confronted by bailiffs when you have failed a repayment. Continue reading “Making some extra cash and not having to rely on loans”